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VEKA has always been a major force in the PVC-U industry for as long as the material has existed as a building product. The VEKA group spans the world with 29 plants, and is the most specified systems company in the world. All products are manufactured to the highest quality because all Veka fabricators and installers choose to work with the most advanced window and door systems from Veka plc.

The first 'A' rated window in the UK was fabricated using a Veka window system - a feat that some other window systems yet to equal. When a fabricator or installer chooses high spec Veka profile systems they illustrate a desire to be the best to offer quality and value that will stand the test of time and be trouble free in use so there is a continuous chain of quality from raw material, through fabrication and into your home.

Veka installers have access to an extensive portfolio of outstanding upvc products including a range of energy-effcient windows, along with PVC-u and Composite doors, windows and conservatories in an unlimeted number of colour options.

Before Veka allows any of its products to be used, samples must undergo a series of punishing tests - including many years of exposure to extremes of temperature in the Nevada Desert and Swiss Alps. In this way, you can be sure that these products have been designed to withstand far worse weather than you would ever expect to see in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland.

The VEKA UK group has an army of loyal customers, many of whom have been with them since they began extruding in the UK in 1986. These customers have a shared ethos of quality, service and standards.


Gemini UPVC Ltd are proud to supply the ultimate in window and door hardware.Hardware may the last thing fitted, but it's where the eye falls, the part we most frequently touch and operate, and the aspect by which we judge overall quality. When refurbishing your home small details make all the difference. Choose perfectly matching hardware, not just in colour, but in design as well, providing the best finish to your refurbishment. Only FAB & FIX products are available in Hardex electro finishes - amongst the most resilient and attractive in the world today - built to last.



Energy efficient double glazed windows to complement your home.

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Composite Doors

Durable, secure and available in a wide range of styles.

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Bifold Doors

Bi-fold and New Wave doors.

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PVCu Doors

Patio, French and Full Glazed Doors.

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Beautifully designed to create the perfect room with a view.

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Clean lines and maintenance-free protection for your roofline.

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